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Instagram has come a long way from its debut as a photo-sharing social media platform. It’s now a powerful marketing tool used by Instagram advertising experts, influencers and brands to widen their reach and tap new audiences.

Using Instagram for business marketing brings your brand a step closer to greater visibility, increased website traffic, solid brand- follower relationships and improved sales. However, you can’t simply start sharing random posts or Instagram Stories and expect great results right off the bat. You need a well-thought-out social media marketing strategy to rise above the competition and get the most out of the channel.

Building a solid battle plan calls for a solid understanding of key Instagram trends and insights. If you aren’t sure where to start your research, this Instagram statistics 2022 compilation is for you!

We’ve gathered vital figures and findings in this convenient Instagram stats 2022 index to give you a better idea of how to market on this popular platform. Start using Instagram for business success the smart way today with the list of stats below to guide you.

Quick Instagram Facts and Stats

Before jumping into fascinating Instagram advertising stats and trends, let’s first get to know the platform better through these quick facts:

1. Instagram turns 12 this year.

Launched on Oct. 6, 2010, Instagram is now more than a decade old. The channel remains popular with over 1 billion users (Oberlo). It’s also a much-visited website – while the photo-sharing platform is frequently accessed through its mobile app, the website version doesn’t fall far behind. Semrush’s 2021 Top Websites list ranks as the ninth-most-visited site in the U.S., with 984.9 million recorded visits in July 2021.

2. Instagram marketing can reach millions of users

According to Hootsuite, Instagram ads boast a potential reach of

928.5 million users. While not every one of these users will be relevant to you, you’re sure to find your target persona within such a wide reach. You can also enlist Instagram marketing services to find your desired audience fast.

Instagram Insights on User Demographics

Wondering how many Instagram users there are in 2022? These figures go beyond the numbers, helping you understand the platform’s users better.

3. Instagram has over a billion users.

Instagram reached more than one billion monthly active users in June 2018 (Statista). It’s also among the top five most downloaded apps, reaching almost 150 million downloads in the second quarter of 2020 alone (Sensor Tower).

4. The platform is dominated by Gen Z and Millennials.

Sixty percent of global active users are aged 34 years or younger (Statista). Twenty-five- to 34-year-olds make up the most popular age group, followed by the 18-24 crowd. Meanwhile, people aged 35-44 make up 16.3 percent of the user population, and 45- to 54- year-olds make up 9.1 percent.

5. Americans do not make up the majority

Americans are the largest Instagram audience with 140 million users. But an Instagram statistics 2022 compilation surprisingly shows that they don’t make up the majority of global users.

Hootsuite’s Digital 2020 report discovered that 88 percent of users are outside the U.S.

Here are the leading countries based on Instagram audience size:

  • India (120 million)
  • Brazil (95 million)
  • Indonesia (78 million)
  • Russia (54 million)

Instagram Stats on Usage

Now that you’ve learned more about Instagram’s user demographic, it’s time to dig into Instagram trends on audience behavior. The insights gained from these inform the strategy you create with your Instagram marketing agency and enable you to tailor a campaign to your target audience’s social media habits.

6. Users spend almost an hour on the platform each day.

According to Recode, Instagram users spend around 53 minutes every day on the platform. This is comparable to the time people spend on Facebook, which averages 58 minutes per day. Any Instagram advertising agency would tell you this is a promising figure if you’re second-guessing Instagram’s position against Facebook.

7. They open the app at least once a day.

Add this to your noteworthy Instagram stats 2022 collection: six out of 10 Instagrammers open the app at least once a day, while others check it multiple times within the same day (Pew Research Center).

This tells us how highly engaged users are – an opportunity worth pursuing when using Instagram for business. An experienced Instagram advertising company helps you capture this engaged audience by consistently sharing high-quality posts and ads.

8. They love Instagram Stories.

According to Instagram, more than 500 million Instagram accounts use Stories every day. On top of that, 70 percent of Instagram users watch Stories daily (TechJury).

These Instagram insights show how valuable Stories are when it comes to reaching more users and keeping them engaged. An experienced Instagram advertising agency should be able to help you maximize this feature to stay connected with your followers.

9. They use the platform to find products and services

Indeed, Instagram is primarily used to share photos and videos. But a Facebook survey showed that 81 percent of Instagrammers use the platform to find products or services, as well.

Here are other Instagram trends worth noting as shared by the social media platform itself:

  • Nine in 10 users follow a business.
  • Two in three say the platform promotes interactions with
  • Around 200 million users visit at least one business profile

Users are checking out business profiles every day. If you want a profile your prospects want to visit, partnering with Instagram advertising experts is a smart strategy.

10. They readily engage with shopping posts

At least 130 million accounts interact with shopping posts and Stories to learn more about products every month. This demonstrates Instagram’s capabilities of driving product awareness. Also, it’s worth remembering that the platform allows users to make purchases without having to exit the app. If you’re selling physical products, coordinate with your Instagram advertising agency to use this opportunity to boost your sales.

Instagram Advertising Stats

How effective is Instagram for marketing and advertising? These Instagram advertising stats have the answers.

11. Instagram can generate interactions higher than Facebook

A 2018 Socialbakers study showed that celebrities garnered a median of 438 million weekly interactions on Instagram; media and brands generated 216 million and 192 million each.

This is more than 4X the overall interactions generated on Facebook by the same group. The median weekly interactions for celebrities only reached 149 million; media and brands earned 487 million and 45 million only.

12. The app drives purchase intent

Instagram itself shared the following Instagram insights:

  • Almost 6 in 10 users became more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Instagram
  • Half of the users surveyed visited a website to purchase a product or service after seeing it in Stories.

A 2019 Facebook article also revealed that Instagram helps 80 percent of users decide whether to buy a product or service.

These Instagram facts prove that using the platform to advertise your product helps you influence your audience’s purchase decisions. As long as you create properly targeted and attractive Instagram ads with the help of your Instagram advertising company, it won’t be difficult to grow your customer base.

13. It’s a great B2B platform.

Another key insight from Hootsuite’s Digital 2020 report: Around

36.2 percent of business-to-business (B2B) decision-makers use Instagram to discover new products. This goes to show that B2B businesses can also reach interested prospects with the help of Instagram marketing services.

Instagram Video Marketing Stats

With features like Instagram Stories, video posts, IGTV and Reels, video on Instagram is undoubtedly blowing up. But is Instagram video marketing worth pursuing for your business? What’s the best way to get the most out of videos? These stats give us a good idea how:

14. Videos receive 2X the engagement of other posts

Mention’s Instagram Engagement Report showed that video posts garner around 150 comments – significantly more than image posts’ 65 comments. This explains why Instagram advertising experts are investing more in videos.

15. Users love how-to tutorial videos

A Wibbitz report showed that how-to tutorials are the most popular form of Instagram video content. Other well-liked formats are behind-the-scenes posts, interviews and news coverage. This insight is worth considering as you craft your Instagram video marketing strategy.

16. The majority of users watch videos with sounds

According to Instagram, six in 10 users watch Instagram Stories with the sound on.

To truly widen your reach and make your content more accessible, consider adding captions to your videos. This may seem like extra work, but a video production services company can take on the task for you.

Keep an Eye on Vital Instagram Stats 2023 To Upgrade Your Social Strategy

Instagram is an ever-evolving platform; you need to stay updated on current and emerging trends to get the most out of its capabilities. On that note, we hope that our Instagram statistics 2023 compilation gives you more ideas to explore in your strategy.

We also hope that this index of Instagram facts inspired you to invest in the platform further to grow your business. Instagram presents plenty of business opportunities, as shown in the figures above. Some can be tackled on your own, while others are best pursued with an Instagram marketing agency.

If you feel that you’re not maximizing the potential of social media for your brand, our Instagram marketing agency is here to help.FastDigi is a seasoned Instagram advertising company helping businesses improve their reach, create an attractive brand and increase profitability since 2018. We can do the same for you! Get in touch with us today to enlist our Instagram marketing services and supercharge your business.

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