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Hiring a freelancers is a great way to get some work done smoothly. Hiring freelancers is quite convenient as they allow us to use talent for solving tasks both large and small without hiring a full time employee. This accessibility allows us to save time and money.

Freelance websites like Fiverr, Upwork and have expert freelancers waiting in line ready for their next potential job. But how do we know that we are hiring the right freelancer for the job? They are some freelancers out there that are not good enough and there is also the tension of some even committing financial fraud by taking your money and disappearing themselves afterwards.

This blog focuses on all the must-do’s before hiring a freelancer for the job.

Let’s break it down!

1. Make Sure The Freelancer Has Great Communication Skills

Freelancers who usually provide you great value and results are most of the times the one who have a good grasp of their communication skill. You need to be confident in the communication skills of the freelancer before assigning them the job. Freelancers who are excellent at communication usually ask questions, go into the details and wish to know more about the project. To dodge any misconception in the future keep your communication in the freelancing platform you are using so, if you need to you can use the platform’s dispute-resolution services.

2. Look For Experience In The Freelancer

When hiring freelancers for the job, the number 1 thing to do is to look for experience. It’s true they are a little more expensive than other freelancers who aren’t experienced as them but you should always put quality work over saving an extra buck. An inexperienced freelancer will probably be able to deliver the assigned Job in time but the quality of their work will not be worth the time and money whereas, work delivered by a pro will be top-notch. They would probably show you their portfolio and sample work on there on but in case they don’t, make sure you get to see it. An experienced freelancer who has worked with several other clients comes with a high rating and repeated clients.

3. Be As Detailed As Possible

To get the most out of a project assigned to a freelancer, while you are explaining the job to them it is important that you are detailed as possible. Talk about your brand, why you are doing the project in the first place, what skills are required, project time frame and what outcome you are trying to achieve. Don’t be shy! Go into every inch, after all you are paying a heavy amount for it. Doing this only then the freelancer will also start to think the same thoughts as you and the work process will get well executed.

4. Be Cautious Of Offers Outside Of The Platform

If an offer seems too good to be true it’s probably is. if a freelancer says that he or she will offer you lower price off site or any other offer outside of the platform be careful because, you have zero protection if things go the wrong way. One of the reasons why freelancing platforms exist is that they help keep your project on track and protect your best interests if something isn’t wrong by keeping all of your communication and payments on the platform.

5. Give Yourself Time And Frequently Engage With The Freelancer

Engaging with the project and talking to the freelancer that you have hired is the key to any project’s success. Don’t simply hire the freelancer and disappear. Your plan should be to frequently engage with the freelancer during the duration of the project. Also, make sure that you provide enough time for the freelancer to do the work and for you to provide feedback on that work. So that there is room for revisions if required.

6. Make Sure They Live In A Compatible Time Zone

Time zones are often ignored when hiring freelancers. Collaborative efforts in an incompatible time zone is a nightmare. Lack of communication also results in errors in the project resulting in revisions which further results in a waste of time. Different time zones also usually have mild language barriers which is also a tension. Make sure that you only hire the freelancers in a compatible time zone.

7. Establish A Deadline Before Finalising The Project

While hiring freelancers it is usually a good idea to establish a deadline before we give him or her the job. There are a plenty of instances where we might have a qualified freelancer but he cannot deliver the project in time simply because he has too many other projects to deal with. So, it is important to establish a deadline before anything further.

8. Find People That Have A High Standard For Quality

Some freelancers take a transactional approach to their work and their delivery mirror that approach. They may fulfil the minimum specifications and requirements but fail to achieve the high standard of quality that you desire. Copywriters leave spelling error, designers leave out crucial details and so on. When choosing a freelancer for the job choose someone who will leave their comfort zone and go above and beyond to deliver you quality.

9. They Want To Understand Your Brand And Project

Whether It is copywriting or design work, a freelancer’s understanding of a company’s branding and positioning within an industry is taken into high consideration. It is a big thumbs up if the freelancer is familiar with the industry. When a freelancer seeks to understand a personality of a brand they are able to provide us with the work that matches rest of the product and marketing.

10. Talk To People Who Have Recently Worked With The Freelancer

When you are considering hiring a freelancer, try to get in touch with a client of that freelancer who he or she worked recently with. As far as 6 months is recent. It is important to talk to a recent reference because the passing of time will not have dulled the criticism of the client and the freelancer will be less able to choose the happiest of the clients.

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