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Email marketing is all about winning customers with attention-grabbing email subject lines and compelling content. You initially entice your audience with the body of your email, but it’s an optimized email marketing landing page that can best influence their purchase decision. Ultimately, what you need is an email marketing landing page conversion. An email landing page provides a space for you to lead your target audience towards your desired action while simultaneously gathering data on the campaign elements that influence their decision. The right email marketing strategy delivers record-high results through targeted content and a conversion-driven email marketing landing page. Landing page optimization best practices focus on fine-tuning your design elements and continuously improving your performance. Email marketing services are proven to deliver a high return on investment (ROI). According to a Campaign Monitor study, businesses that run segmented campaigns can grow their revenue by as much as 760 percent. Follow these expert email marketing tips and landing page tips to increase your email marketing conversion rate and improve your landing page optimization.

  1. Use Powerful Headlines

Topping the list of email marketing tips and landing page tips to improve your email conversion rate is to write striking subject lines and email landing page headlines. “It doesn’t matter how great your landing pages look or how compelling the offer you’re providing is if the emails aren’t opened! Subject lines need just as much focus as the emails themselves to ensure you’re driving opens,” said Chad Bittle, Email Marketing Manager at FastDigi Internet Marketing Agency. If you find that your email marketing open rate is low, it’s worth testing out different headlines. Some proven techniques to improve your email marketing open rate include using power words and an emotional hook.

  1. Keep It Simple

Your email landing page needs to have a single objective and a clear goal. According to Bittle, landing pages should be “short, direct and to-the-point” to drive conversions. “When the content is clear and concise, there isn’t a need to fluff up the landing page, and your visitors will be able to navigate more easily,” he said. Any email marketing services provider will tell you less is more. You want to keep your landing pages’ subject matter extremely focused as you build on what was mentioned in the email body. Don’t risk losing your audience’s attention and avoid mentioning multiple topics, subjects or products at once. Among the most surefire landing page tips to increase your likelihood of winning an email marketing landing page conversion is to use videos. About 30 percent of top landing pages use video content as a medium that can pack a lot of information in a digestible way. The longer you keep your audience’s interest, the more likely they are to convert.

  1. Have a Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

Professional content writing ensures your landing pages communicate your value concisely and compellingly. But your audience needs explicit instruction on what you need them to do on the page to achieve an email marketing landing page conversion. Examples of clear calls-to-action are “Schedule a Call,” “Sign Up For Our Newsletter” or “Buy Now.” A well-known tactic in crafting landing page CTAs is to instill a sense of urgency or scarcity in your CTA. This can be a discount coupon with a limited number of downloads or a subscription offer with a time limit. A go-to conversion rate optimization technique tests different CTAs and sees which generates the best landing page optimization results.

  1. Follow Design Principles

Every email marketing company would advise keeping your branding consistent. “Utilize the same messaging and visuals in your email and on your email marketing landing page to help reinforce what you’re offering,” said Bittle. Aligning your landing pages to your other marketing channels and especially your website design is critical. Don’t underestimate the power of excellent design in boosting your email conversion rate. Use visuals but don’t overdo it – this is one of the most overlooked landing page optimization best practices. White space or blank space is just as important as your design and content. It’s necessary to avoid your landing page looking cluttered and unappealing.

  1. Create Mobile-Friendly Pages Nowadays, most emails are opened on mobile devices. “It’s critical that you’re designing your campaigns to be responsive for mobile, tablets and screens of all sizes, so your target audience sees everything you want them to,” said Bittle. Conversion rate optimization involves monitoring mobile-friendliness to ensure you don’t prevent users from viewing your landing pages correctly. If your email or landing page does not use responsive design, the content might load incorrectly for some users. Seeing a high email marketing open rate with low conversions signals a need to enhance your user experience through landing page optimization techniques.
  2. Segment Your Audience

Ask any email marketing agency what makes for effective email marketing landing page optimization, and you’ll get the same answer: fine-tune your target audience. Gone are the days of a business sending emails to every contact in its database. Target your emails correctly to ensure your readers are receptive to your landing pages. “To ensure that the right messages are getting to the right contacts, always make sure your audience is segmented and broken down into smaller segments so that you can target them with the right campaigns,” said Bittle. The relevancy of your landing pages to your reader plays a direct role in your email conversion rate.

  1. Personalize Your Campaigns Email marketing services have evolved significantly from generic and spammy marketing emails. For example, it’s no longer acceptable for an email newsletter service to be addressing your contacts with “Dear Customer” in your emails. Personalized communication is the standard for any digital strategy, and it’s not just about using names. If you want your readers to click through to your email landing page and stay interested, make sure the content is valuable to them, specifically. This involves showing your target audience content specific to where they are in your sales funnel. Additionally, HubSpot reveals that CTAs that are personalized to your buyer’s journey convert 202 percent better. 8. Include Social Proof

Bittle emphasizes the importance of social proof for email marketing landing page optimization. “Visitors are more likely to convert if they can see testimonials or reviews of your product or service. Consider adding reviews from your social profiles, review sites or direct communication with clients. The more content you have to convince visitors that your product or service is the best fit for the needs, the better,” he said. Anyone can send marketing emails, but it’s making your potential customers believe in you that makes the difference for email marketing services. Your landing page is an ideal place to showcase your positive customer feedback. Working with an email marketing agency will give you access to online reputation management tools that help collect, improve and showcase your online reviews.

  1. Prioritize User Consent

Today, sending marketing emails to just anyone is unacceptable. “There are strict rules in place to ensure you’re not sending spam mail,” Bittle explained. “Make sure that every member of your email list has given consent to receive marketing communications, and ensure that they have a clear way to opt-out of future messages.” Suppose your reader did not initially consent to receive emails. They would automatically belong to a set of people uninterested in your email newsletter service, affecting your email marketing conversion rate. But getting reported for violating consent rules can have much more disastrous effects. Seek guidance from your email marketing services provider about the best way to contact your database. Bittle warns strongly against purchasing email lists. “A common mistake is thinking that working with a purchased list will drive conversions by simply expanding your reach. Unfortunately, this is a surefire way to have your account blocked and shut down. Rules dictate that you can only work with contacts who have given consent to market to them,” he said.

  1. Leverage Web Analytics

Failing to leverage data is one of the most common reasons campaigns fail and why your email marketing conversion rate suffers. Email marketing campaign services deliver profitable results because your email marketing services provider has mastered leveraging data. Expert email marketing campaign services utilize advanced tracking tools to collect data critical to optimizing your campaigns. If you take the time to analyze your data, your landing page’s weaknesses will reveal themselves. You will know precisely how to improve your landing page and increase your email conversion rate. Heat mapping tools help you leverage web analytics by revealing valuable information about your reader’s behavior, such as their scroll depth, where they click and how they move across your landing page. Google Analytics can help you evaluate your email marketing and landing page performance more accurately through cross-channel tracking.

Get Started With Email Marketing Landing Page Optimization

What is a good conversion rate? And what is the average conversion rate for email marketing? According to Bittle, conversion rates for email marketing campaigns vary depending on a handful of factors. Each industry has different benchmarks and average metrics, but a good general number to keep in mind is a conversion rate goal of between 2-5 percent. Remember that this average conversion rate for email marketing is not absolute. Conversion rate optimization is about improving your results based on your data, so the potential is limitless. The success of an email marketing campaign depends on the end-goal of that campaign. You can easily find resources and guides on email marketing but working with an email marketing agency gets you the results you need quickly. Hiring an email marketing services company like FastDigi gives you access to an experienced team of landing page optimization specialists, graphic design experts and a full-service video production group who collaborate in crafting your results-driven email marketing campaign. With 4.3 billion daily email users expected in 2023 (Statista), your landing page potential is limitless. Our email marketing company strengthens your strategy through social media and proven search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. We specialize in expert email automation setup and multivariate and A/B campaign testing. Trust our email marketing company to provide a top-tier email newsletter service and impressive landing page design.

Contact us today to learn more about building a successful email marketing campaign, the average conversion rate for email marketing in your industry and the benefits of professional email marketing campaign services.

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