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In this digital-driven economy, borders begin to blur as business transactions become increasingly virtual. eCommerce websites and applications connect people from opposite sides of the world and facilitate purchases without the hassle, while eCommerce tools enable the systematic conversion of a “window shopper” to a loyal, high-value-purchasing customer.

Nowadays, a buyer’s journey happens through multi-screen experiences – a single action such as a tap on mobile can impact this journey across different devices. One platform that signifies this shift is Shopify.

But First, What Is Shopify?

Shopify is a website builder designed with eCommerce best practices in mind: enabling interconnected and personalized shopping experiences. What’s more, its drag-and-drop features make creating, updating and running a Shopify site a breeze.

It’s no wonder Shopify is one of the most popular online store builders that both first-time entrepreneurs and experienced merchants could benefit from. It’s a user-friendly website platform that leverages powerful data analytics to provide its customers the best possible shopping experience.

Why Choose Shopify as Your eCommerce Platform?

So, what is Shopify good for? Shopify stats 2022 from Website Builder Expert show that Shopify stands out from its competing online store builders for its advanced features – multi-platform selling, standout design and flexibility, availability of built-in apps, extensive payment options and 24/7 Shopify customer support – making it an ideal choice for large enterprises.

Additionally, Website Builder Expert named Shopify Plus as the “Best Overall Enterprise eCommerce Platform” of 2022. Whether you’re crunching numbers to improve your customer experience or just curious about what trends and tactics to utilize in your eCommerce strategy, refer to this collection of Shopify stats as a guide to setting up your business’s own scalable online store.

This blog post gives you the rundown on the Shopify statistics every business owner and marketer should know about in 2022 to achieve long-term growth.

The Latest Trends in Global eCommerce Marketing

According to Shopify Global eCommerce Statistics, global eCommerce transcends geopolitical boundaries, making it possible

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